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Wedding Invitation Tips You Should Be Knowing About

If you are someone who has their own wedding coming up in the next seasons and are panicking about the wedding preps, then worry no more if you are unable to decide how to go about the wedding invitations. The new trending letterpress wedding invitations are something that are very much in these days and are what you should also be using in your own wedding as well. To make it easier, we have gathered some tips that you could use to design your wedding invites. Visit this link for more info on letterpress printing NYC.

  1. Wedding Style

The wedding card contains all the important details like the date, time , venue, RSVP and other such details for the guests, however, what it doesn’t incorporates usually is the theme or the style of which your wedding is all going to be about. The type of wedding theme you are throwing is something that should also be communicated to others and this can only be done through how you design your wedding invites. Choose the theme, coloring, font and style of the wedding card that matches the event accordingly.

  1. Playing with Colors

Wedding colors that would be incorporated in the event should also be reflecting on your wedding cards as well as other cards at the event like menu, escort cards and ceremony program cards. While the most common invites for wedding are white, ivory, cream with a mixture of gold and black font, you can also play with colors by brightening them up with metallic or colorful fonts and cards as well. Just make sure that the colors you are using are easily readable by the guests.

  1. Size and Shape

The traditional wedding invite contains the size of 4.5 inches by 6.25 inches. But because there is no hard and fast rule, you can go by anything that adds up to the invites and gives a modern touch to it. Cards these days come in different shapes and style like scalloped, square and round. However, if you are on a limited budget, we recommend you to not go for the heavy cards as they would be expensive to not only be made but also to be delivered as well.

  1. Legible

Although when you are going to a professional for getting your wedding invites printed, they will already guide you about the do’s and don’ts themselves, but sometimes, that is not the case. As a rule, make sure that the cards you choose and the ink you use if your background is light should be legible and readable to the viewers. Taking care of the theme is the utmost important thing that should be taken into account before actually finalizing the cards.